Enhanced SLA’s in CRM 2013/2015

I’ve been reviewing the new SLA capabilities in CRM 2015, but I’ve got to go through CRM 2013 first because we are still on 2011, which was upgraded from 4.0.

I had to build an entirely custom SLA system (although we call it TRT for ‘Target Response Time’) because this was not available in 4.0/2011.  

This new 2013/2015 system looks cool, and I like the idea of a timer control on the case to show the time left before the timer expires.

One of the main things I see in the new one is the ‘pause’ feature, which can come in handy.  Because we offer 24/7 support for several of our products, but after hours the support is done by a support analyst on-call, we have to manually calculate the the target for new cases that come in after 8pm ET, or on a weekend.  

Example:  Priority 3 case comes in at 9:00PM on a Wednesday night.  Target Response/SLA is 4 hours, but because it’s after hours we don’t set the target for 1:00am, we set it to 12 noon the next day because we open support at 8am the next day.

Wondering if CRM SLA system can work with this?  Guess I will find out as I research this new feature.

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