Performance Markers…who knew??

So this might not be news to some of you, but I stumbled on an interesting tool in CRM 2013 this morning.

In the course of my job, I have to capture a lot of screen shots, so I use a tool called SnagIt from Techsmith.  SnagIt is a great tool, and I highly recommend it, but that’s not the point of the story.

I have SnagIt configured to start a screen capture when I select Ctrl-Shift-Q from the keyboard.  This morning I was looking at something in CRM 2013 I wanted to capture and mark up. I did the Ctrl-Shift-Q and to my surprise…this Performance Markers window popped up in CRM?

At first I missed it because SnagIt was capturing the screen without it, but when I exited the SnagIt capture, there it was.

Looks like it’s showing the load times for the various functions on the page, and could be very useful in the future.  I searched, but all I could find was that you can use Alt-Shift-Q or Ctrl-Shift-Q to make the window appear.  I can’t find any other documentation on how to use it, maybe someone else has seen it somewhere?

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