Updating Icons blows up Auditing?

UPDATE: Apparently this is a known function in CRM, except it doesn’t make sense that it happens when you are updating Icons.  

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I’ve been working for the past few weeks on the upgrade of a CRM v2011 instance to a v2015 instance.

One thing I noticed in CRM 2015 is that all of the icon images are flat and typically a monochromatic color.  Usually they are a Shade of Grey… the color, not the book/movie.  🙂

So working with a colleague of mine, I asked him to make up some nice monochromatic icons to represent the 2 dozen or so custom entities we have.  He made up some nice icon files in 16×16 and 32×32 format, and to save time I asked him to go ahead and update the icons in our 2011 instance so we don’t have to go through and do it during the final upgrade process.

Then a few hours later I get a Lync message from a CRM user asking what’s happened to the Audit logs for a record?

My reply was… Huh?  Nothing that I know of?

So I check the record, and lo and behold, all the new value entries on the audit log are missing, replaced by an strange icon image indicating that it’s not there.

After the Icons were updated…

I’m stumped…  I can see an entry where auditing was turned off, and it turned out that was when the icons were updated. It decided to turn off the auditing for a moment, and then back on, which caused this problem.  I can easily reproduce it over and over.

Anything updated after this time is fine, and gets audited properly.

So I did a search and the only thing I could find was this Forum post.  It’s not exactly the same thing because they were intentionally turning auditing off and back on, but the result was the same.  All the ‘new value’ entries are messed up.

FYI… this problem also occurs in a totally clean, not upgraded, on-premise instance of CRM 2015 as well.  

I also updated my CRM 2011 to UR 18, just to be sure that this wasn’t fixed in an update release.

I have opened a support case with Microsoft to see if they are aware of this issue, and if there is a fix.  I will update this blog entry if I get a fix.

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